How to bring a culture shift in your project?

A story how to enable DevOps in a 100+ strong team

Q: “What is DevOps?”

A: “It is CI/CD”

In many interviews or conversations, be candidates or stakeholders, you will hear this simplistic answer. And, it is not wrong. However, it is neither right. There is much more to DevOps than Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery.

There is a notion that DevOps is a separate skill or a separate role; that DevOps has to be a separate team outside application development teams — working on pipelines for code progression from development sandboxes to production. When you search for DevOps articles, that is mostly what you will see. However, DevOps is not…

Creating yet another meeting invite? Think again!

Understanding the common pitfalls of virtual meetings and how to make them effective

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Business meetings are a necessary tool. While in-person meetings can derive the most tangible results, they can be expensive and while collaboration tools have helped in bringing teams around the globe together, and possibly work better by meeting virtually — online meetings tend to occupy more and more time in one’s weekly calendar. It's just so easy to just create meetings!

Since many program managers face having 70–75% of their work time dedicated to meetings, one would wonder whether these meetings are as effective and efficient as one would like them to be.

Common pitfalls of virtual meetings

Lack of planning: I like to think…

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Multi-tasking is great, isn’t it? But is it? Are you sure?

Multi-tasking is inevitable in today’s life. At work. At home. Is it helping?

In our daily life, as information is readily available, and constantly streaming through different tools and software, we tend to multi-task as a norm. But, do we really multitask? Or, may I say, we just shift too many times between singular tasks.

You can chat with a friend halfway around the world while buying coffee from Starbucks, or collaborate in Teams, and Ctrl+Tab in between to check on the progress of the ETL job you ran in parallel.

While some work patterns require such consumption of data and success depends on how fast and good you can shift gears, some…

A few points to pull and push teams towards success

Building a team takes effort, and it is only half the work. Maintaining and managing a team need care, empathy, and support so they achieve greater heights.

I have had a mentor who had given positive reinforcement on successes and failures, and that has been the single most act of leadership that had an impact on me. Discussing this in a focus group recently, I thought through the work done with our teams, and how things turned around. …

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